Morgan Marine distributes a wide range of hydraulic articulated and telescoping marine cranes throughout the world. We offer capacities from 9500 ft/lbs. through 1,000,000 ft/lbs. Morgan cranes are designed and built to the demanding German DIN-15018 B3 Crane Manufacturing Standard. This ensures a safe, high quality, long lasting marine crane. Corrosion protection is enhanced through the extensive use of stainless steel materials, specially treated hydraulic cylinder rods and marine duty coatings on all weather surfaces.

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Morgan marine cranes offer exceptional performance coupled with ease of operation. The controls are fully proportional for precise, controlled motions. Redundant safety systems offer protection from unexpected conditions or circumstances that may arise. These lightweight, high-capacity cranes occupy a minimum of space by stowing compactly, yet offer impressive reach and lifting capacities. We utilize modern hydraulic systems and a high strength design coupled with modern fabrication techniques. Each of our cranes is fully supported by our experienced staff of crane specialists. Our marine cranes have been approved for use in demanding marine applications and environments. These approved agencies are the American Bureau of Ships, the U.S. Coast Guard, Del Norte Veritas, and the Lloyds Register

These versatile deck cranes are in use by the following major industries and government agencies:   •  The U.S. Coast Guard
  •  The Army Corps of Engineers
  •  The California Department of Fish & Game
  •  The U.S. Navy
  •  Alaska Clean Seas
  •  Everglades National Park
  •  The Environmental Protection Agency
  •  Raytheon Range Services
•  National Oceanographic
•  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
•  Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
•  The University of Hawaii
•  Oregon State University

The applications of these exceptionally built cranes are varied and limited only by the customer's operational scenarios and demands. Some current uses include Fire Boats, Torpedo and Mine Handling vessels, Cruise Line ships, Diving and Salvage Support vessels, Private yachts, Tender vessels, Marine Support vessels, Aquaculture, Commercial fishing boats Drilling rigs, Oil Spill Response Team vessels, Tug Boats, and Research vessel equipment handling for storage.

Our Cranes have been used by the NOAA organization to help bring the historic USS Monitor back to the surface from its ocean floor resting place. This was filmed by The History Channel. We are proud to be part of saving our history.



A complete crane range designed for hoisting operations in a marine environment. Heavy duty designed with emphasis on the side load force of the marine operations. The design of these cranes has been developed considering the stresses, the load conditions and the environment of the marine operations.

All HS.Marine's cranes have been specifically designed and manufactured to work in a marine environment. HS.Marine build cranes only for ship and offshore application. These hydraulic cranes are designed to outlast and outperform the competition. Whether you are in the shipping or offshore industry, no other organisations has a wider selection of different crane models, ranging from 5 to approx. 400 tm.


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